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Connections with Celebrities and Politicians

Continue to expand official connections with both Political and Celebrity citizens who are in support of MAGA.

Host Physical and Digital Events

Host digital or physical events that support and the MAGA community, including live streaming community filled MAGA Rally’s!

Official NFT Reflective Card

Official NFT Reflective Card releases, with collectable personnel, such as; Herschel Walker, Lauren Boebert. Plus more rare collectable such as; Jim Jordan, Ron Desantis, Lil Wayne and Donald Trump!

The Race to a Dollar

Reach a $1 $MAGA and contract lock MAGA stable coin.



Of Each Transaction
Added to Liquidity


Of Each Transaction
Reflected To Holders


Of Each Transaction
To Developers and to Spread Awareness of MAGA


Phase 1

  • Marketing drive
  • 5,000 telegram members
  • Social media drive
  • Coingecko & CoinMarketCap
  • Trend on twitter
  • Smart contract audit
  • Expand Connections with Celebrities and Politicians

Phase 2

  • Website redesign
  • 20,000 holders
  • 15,000 Telegram holders
  • Advanced ad campaign
  • Giveaway TBC
  • YouTube influencer campaign
  • Bitmart/Lbank exchange listing (Community to decide)
  • Host Physical and Digital Events
  • Release high level videos content that communicates our strategic and political position

Phase 3

  • Website redesign
  • 50,000 holders
  • 35,000 Telegram holders
  • BTOK ad campaign
  • Giveaway TBC
  • Youtube influencer campaign
  • Bitmart exchange listing
  • Official NFT Reflective Card release

Phase 4

  • Website redesign
  • 200,000 holders
  • 150,000 Telegram holders
  • Giveaway TBC
  • Youtube influencer campaign
  • Bitmart exchange listing
  • Reach a $1 MAGA coin
  • Increase Industry Connections that will accept $MAGA for faster payment
  • Build MAGA Exchange


How to buy your MAGA, the future of currency and political freedom!

Step 1

Download MetaMask or Trust Wallet Applications

Step 2

Purchase Ethereum (ETH) and send them to your MetaMask or Trust Wallet. (Remember to send a small amount if it’s your first transaction to make sure you have the transfer set up correctly)

Step 3

On our home page, click ‘Buy’. This will open a Dapp Exchange Called “Uniswap”.

Step 4

A popup will open, click the checkbox “I understand”, this will load $MAGA into Uniswap. Alternatively you can load Uniswap manually and use this address – 0xc9b6a17ebb43491635f603a01f8bb3e4b5d22228

Step 5

Make sure your MetaMask Wallet or Trust Wallet Is synced with Uniswap.

Step 6

Set the amount of $MAGA you would like to purchase , and set slippage to at least 12%. Then press Swap!

Step 7

Hold $MAGA and know you’re part of the future…